We like what we do. We get real satisfaction from being able to create better environments for people to live, work, learn and play in. We know we can only do that with practical designs that will stand the tests of time and use. We enjoy being creative and innovative but always for a reason: to satisfy the objectives of our clients and the needs of the end users. These are the five themes that guide the way we work:


We will always drive ourselves to make the best use of the spaces we work with and to meet users’ needs in fresh ways.


We take pride in producing designs that will work in the real world. Our long experience of taking schemes to completion on site means we can solve complex design problems on time and to budget.


Our ability to communicate: both understanding others’ needs and conveying our ideas well, is an important ingredient in our success. From liaising with clients, design teams and planners, to running consultation discussions with schoolchildren, effective communication is central to our projects.


We want to leave a legacy by creating sustainable designs for future generations to enjoy as well as for the present. It is a key influence in our design approach: it guides our choices of materials and plants and we look for the long term in all we do.


We create positive and open working relationships with our clients and the project teams we are part of, and we value the members of our own team and help them to develop to their full potential.