Saltram Close

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  • Regeneration scheme for a residential urban housing development.
  • Creating an improved living environment, particularly for children and young people.
  • Reducing anti-social behaviour and enhancing the security of the site.

This was a regeneration scheme for Haringey Council.  Saltram Close in Tottenham Hale is a residential development of town houses, many of these being family homes, with the blocks built on three sides around a green space.  The site has a high level of footfall and the potential for anti-social behaviour.

The objective was to create a more enjoyable and more secure environment for residents and we worked closely with the Haringey Parks and Recreations department to develop a landscape to achieve that.

We designed a playground into the green area featuring tough-wearing play equipment suited to the location.  We incorporated an enclosed area to encourage ball games in a defined space.  The play area was also enhanced by creating natural play spaces by using cut land from other parts of the development.  This avoided the need for spoil from levelling to be removed from the site.  Gates and fencing were installed around the residential areas to enhance the feeling of security for those living in the close.

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