Bocking Cemetery

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  • Landscape planning for cemetery extension.
  • Incorporating interim plan for use of the land until required.
  • Ground investigations to develop alternative use of space unsuitable for burials.

Our landscape plan for Bocking Cemetery was to support a future expansion to the existing facility in Braintree, Essex by planning for the use of a field next to the cemetery. This required a masterplan to identify the layout of the cemetery with a central access drive and paths along with defining the location of the plots and a dedicated area for Muslim burials. In developing the masterplan we carried out ground and flooding investigations, identifying one area of the site as unsuitable for burials and using this space to create a memorial woodland. The site was designed to be brought into use as required over years to come and as a result we prepared an interim plan incorporating allotment space to make temporary use of one third of the site. The final submission for planning approval demonstrated the developing appearance of the site along with the planting schedule for boundary screening and other planting around the site.

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