Blossom Court and Leyland Court

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  • Three separate residential schemes
  • Providing a range of private, community and natural play spaces

The Sumner Road development is a design and build residential scheme for the London Borough of Southwark comprising 3 separate schemes, all of which were designed and constructed in association with Ingleton Wood Architects and Lovell, the contractor. Wynne-Williams Associates acted as Landscape Architects, taking the client’s employer’s requirements into the final, constructed scheme.

Blossom Court is a block of 100+ apartments built around a central courtyard. The connected blocks vary in height between 2 and 6 storeys. The courtyard, which sits at 2nd floor level, is built on a podium over the car park and provides a public space for all residents as well as private gardens for second floor residents. Features include soft play areas, natural turf lawns, raised planting beds and seating pods. There are two openings within the surface where trees planted in the car park beneath erupt through into the space above so that users are at tree canopy level. The courtyard surface is permeable throughout and is laid over a Bauder DSE60 crate system.

Leyland Court is the second phase of the development on an adjoining site, built as a single block but with a roof terrace as a public space, rather than a courtyard, comprising seats and raised beds.

The final element is Daniel Gardens which is a new public open space built on a gently sloping site. It contains: a natural play area comprising boulders and climbing poles; a series of concrete obstacles of varying height that form a parkour course, but also double as seating; and a public path that cuts through the site. All elements are set within a formal paved and planted framework.

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