Basildon Hospital

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  • New entrance landscape for Basildon Hospital
  • Additional communal courtyard space with mixed uses
  • Increased seating and play provision

Working with The Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals Trust, Wynne Williams Associates were appointed to develop a landscape scheme for the extension and improvement works to Basildon Hospital’s main entrance. The objective of the proposed extension was to create a more inviting and prominent entrance to the hospital, producing a high-quality environment that would be welcoming to patients, visitors and staff.

The design forms a courtyard, with clear visible links from the entrance to the main car park, bus stop and main pedestrian access routes into the hospital campus. The ambulance drop- off was increased in area to allow additional vehicles to park and wait, and screening was introduced to protect the dignity of patients arriving at A&E via emergency vehicles.

A central soft landscaped area was proposed for the main courtyard, creating key access routes and guiding patients and visitors to the entrance of the hospital where they may then navigate to the desired department/ward. Proposed tree and shrub planting soften, yet frame the new building and entrance, with seating walls providing opportunities for informal seating and waiting areas.

As part of the extension, a new café and café terrace was proposed. This was located to the northeast of the main entrance and sat opposite the Maternity unit.
The trust wanted this external courtyard to provide further seating opportunities with features that would allow families to visit and give children some space to play, without any formal play equipment provided.

The exciting courtyard design includes raised mounds and planting to create a unique identity, yet provide patients, visitors and staff with a space where they can sit in quiet contemplation. The playful nature of the mounds introduce interest for children whilst creating visual appeal within the space.

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